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Monitor Children & Employees Remotely

On Smartphone & Computer Devices

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Capture Screenshots

View screenshots of a monitored user's computer desktop taken by mSpy's software at regular intervals. Supervise all computer activity such as web browsing, game playing, email exchanges, chat conversations, and more.

GPS Location Tracking

Pinpoint the real time GPS location of a monitored mobile device and view all data relating to a user's recent movements.

Photos & Videos

Monitor all multimedia taken, received and shared with others on a user's mobile device. Sift through saved photos and videos along with those that have already been deleted from a monitored phone.


See every keystroke typed by a monitored computer user into any application or web page. Find out what is being input into search engines, chats messages, emails, and more.

Calendar & Contacts

Browse through all appointments entered into a phone's calendar to ensure employees are at work-related meetings and children are at after-school activities. Sift through a monitored device's contacts to check for numbers from company competitors or unapproved friends.

Viber Chat

Read every message exchanged by a monitored user on Viber to uphold employees propriety and efficiency.

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  • Terry B.

    My kids are my world and I would do anything to keep them safe. With mSpy, I can protect them with ease. I no longer have to look over their shoulders; instead I just log onto mSpy and check out where they are and who they are talking to. My mind is worry-free knowing they are not in any trouble.

  • Victoria G.

    This is the best app I’ve found for my iPhone! I was able to uncover a corrupt bookkeeper who could have cost me my business thanks to information I obtained from mSpy.

  • John C.

    I am currently using mSpy"s computer monitoring software. What can I say? Best company that provide. It works like a charm! mSpy has greatly alleviated my stress. If you have kids or employees you need to monitor, then you can"t be without this app technology.

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