Manage Calls

Supervise all incoming and outgoing calls, and see who, when, and for how long a monitored user has been conversing with others. Block unapproved numbers from calling a user’s mobile device.

Read SMS Messages

Have access to all texting transcripts on a monitored phone including those that have been deleted by the user.

Supervise Email

Review the content of all email messages sent/received by a monitored user to ensure business security and child safety.

Monitor GPS Location

Identify the real-time location of a monitored user through GPS Location Tracking that includes recent route history on a detailed map.

Oversee Internet Usage

Keep tabs on your child’s or employee’s browsing history & bookmarks by monitoring internet activity. Block access to unapproved websites and detect which Wi-Fi connections a device user has joined.

Access Calendar and Contacts

Review calendar appointments and contact details to ensure children and employees are where they should be.

Browse Through IM’s

Check every chat message sent/received by a monitored user on Skype, Viber, iMessage, Facebook, Snapchat, LINE, Telegram, Tinder and WhatsApp. View multimedia taken, received and shared with other device owners.

Manage App Usage

Browse through all apps installed on a monitored phone and block those you consider inappropriate.

View Photos & Videos

Supervise all multimedia files on a user’s device, either taken or received to ensure your children are not sharing inappropriate photos or videos and to prevent employees from leaking important company data with others.

Remote Commands

Heighten your phone security by making use of remote commands. Wipe out a phone’s data or just lock the phone remotely in the event of device loss or theft.

Analyze Phone Activity

Access detailed reports about all activity taking place on a device. This feature is extremely useful for those monitoring multiple devices concurrently.


Check every keystroke entered into a monitored mobile device to see login details, search phrases, chat and email messages, and more.

Uninstall Alert

Feature allows receiving & viewing detailed information on how mSpy application was deleted from the monitored device completely (or partially damaged), why & at what circumstances it happened.

24/7 Customer Support

Contact mSpy’s superior customer support team at any time to speak with trained specialists on any matter related to mSpy’s software. Contact mSpy via Live Chat, email, or by calling our toll-free number.

Discreet Monitoring

mSpy software functions in an inconspicuous and non-disruptive manner, with monitoring taking place in the background of a user’s computer.


Ensure appropriate computer activity by checking screenshots captured by mSpy’s monitoring software during prescribed intervals.


View computer keystroke data to see the contents of emails, web searches, chats, logins, and more.

User Activity

See how long a monitored user has stayed active/ inactive during a computer session.

App/Program Usage

Find out which apps or programs have been accessed by a monitored user and block those you deem inappropriate or non-conducive.

Web Mailer

Web Mailer reveals all the operations with letters on the target device in Firefox, Chrome, IE and Safari browsers. The usage of such email services as Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and Outlook.com is monitored easily now. The users can filter the letters by mail services, types of the letters, time frames and keywords; mark separate letters/groups, view the comprehensive information on the letters and undertake various operations with them.

Installed Applications

Installed Applications feature shows the list of all installed applications on the monitored desktop. It can track the title of any installed application, its version, the time of the installation, application type (both basic configuration of a target computer and optional applications installed by the user) and the size of the application occupied on the target computer.
Windows only. Be advised that Installed Applications feature allows monitoring for Windows OS only.