No-Jailbreak mSpy<br> For iOS Devices

No-Jailbreak mSpy
For iOS Devices

  • Monitor any iOS device activities
  • No jailbreaking for easy monitoring
  • Guaranteed safety & security
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Look through all the contacts stored in a monitored phone.

Call Logs

View all incoming & outcoming calls on any iPhone.

Text Messages

Scan all text messages sent and received on a monitored device.

Browser History

Monitor user’s web activities on a target mobile device.


Sift through all event entries on a user’s device to ensure transparency.


Review all the notes taken down by the device’s user.


Monitor Skype Activity on iOS devices.


Monitor WhatsApp activity on iOS devices.


Monitor LINE messages and their contents.

Wi-Fi Networks

Get accurate device coordinates by gathering information about each Wi-Fi hotspot the target phone connects to.

Installed Applications

View all installed applications on the iOS device, including games, social apps and more.

How it works

Get the iCloud credentials for the device to be monitored without jailbreak and ensure iCloud backup is activated on the device; otherwise you’ll need physical access to it

Turn on the features to be monitored among the numerous options in the list.

Follow the Wizard Setup instructions and log into your Control Panel; you’ll get the data on the user’s activity at once


  • Terry B.

    My kids are my world and I would do anything to keep them safe. With mSpy, I can protect them with ease. I no longer have to look over their shoulders; instead I just log onto mSpy and check out where they are and who they are talking to. My mind is worry-free knowing they are not in any trouble.

  • Victoria G.

    This is the best app I’ve found for my iPhone! I was able to uncover a corrupt bookkeeper who could have cost me my business thanks to information I obtained from mSpy.

  • John C.

    I am currently using mSpy"s computer monitoring software. What can I say? Best company that provide. It works like a charm! mSpy has greatly alleviated my stress. If you have kids or employees you need to monitor, then you can"t be without this app technology.

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